Distressed Property Solutions

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We are a Real Estate firm Representing Home Owners, Real Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers working with distressed properties (Missed Payments, Foreclosure, Default and Covid Forbearance Solutions).

Our staff of EXPERT Short Sale Negotiators, REALTORS® and Educators work directly with Lenders, Homeowners, Buyers, REALTORS®, Escrow, Title and Investors to effectively and efficiently navigate the world of distressed properties.

100% FREE consultations for Homeowners, Buyers, REALTORS®, Escrow, Title and Investors.


Are you behind on your payments?

We work with homeowners who have questions. As REALTORS® & Homeowner Advocates.

What are your alternatives to Foreclosure?

What is a Covid related Forbearance?

What is a Loan Modification?



Short Sale Mitigation

Are you struggling to close a distressed property transaction and need representation to negotiate directly with the bank?

Home Advocates works directly with lenders on behalf of REALTORS®, Escrow and Title.

We are the LARGEST Short Sale Negotiation Company in the world.

100% FREE consultations for REALTORS®, Escrow, Title and Investors.


Learn how to get Distressed Listings & Advocate to Homeowners

  • Covid Marketing System™  Meet and Work Directly with Homeowners who have Forbearances and missed payments.
  • Covid Marketing System™  Since 2010. 1 million leads generated for REALTORS® & Investors to work with Distressed Properties
  • Home Advocate™  Designation Training
  • Homeowner, Buyer, REALTOR®, Escrow, Title and Investor Educational Events with the Former Head Loss Mitigator of a major lender and the EXPERT on Distressed Properties.